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MSinUS Part 2: MSinUS: Part 2 — SOP, LORs and applications

Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for an acceptance.

Step — 6: I20

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Step — 3: Start researching more on Universities

1. Cold Messaging in LinkedIn

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Once you decided your list of universities (ballpark), start preparing for particular exams. I’ll just provide useful links which answer cliche questions instead of repeating them. Instead, I’ll tell what I’d done so you can take some useful pointers from my journey.

TOEFL and GRE are conducted by same organization i.e ETS


Exam Structure

A complete guide to pursue Masters in abroad (irrespective of country)

If you are in STEM and are

  1. Planning to pursue Masters and have no clue on where to start (or)
  2. In the middle of your voyage and got struck/have queries

Please let me walk through my journey. All the…

More lessons about wealth, greed and happiness

“The Psychology Of Money — Part 1”:

No one can accurately predict Mr. Market


Lessons about wealth, greed and happiness

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are savings important?
  2. Am I saving enough for my future?

A typical response is: “Yes and No”. It might seem paradoxical, but so does “Exercise and diet are important for health and I eat fast foods daily” or “Time is valuable and I binge watch…

Excerpt from “Steal Like An Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative” by Austin Kleon

Most of us lament that the work we do is worthless, not creative, mundane, doesn’t have any impact etc; and start regretting our lives. …

By now most of us had personal experience but let me share my journey, the mistakes I had made during the recovery period and tips. Please feel free to contact me via LinkedIn incase you want to have a personal discussion. I will be happy to discuss.

Note: I was…

It’s my sincere suggestion to please read till the end of the blog with open-mind

Recently, I watched ‘Seaspiracy’, a ~90min documentary in Netflix and was shocked to learn about the conspiracies in the commercial fishing industry. …

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