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It’s time to fly high :)

Step 10: Accommodation and WhatsApp groups

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Step — 6: I20

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Step — 3: Start researching more on Universities

1. Cold Messaging in LinkedIn

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TOEFL and GRE are conducted by same organization i.e ETS


Exam Structure

Q. How many months it’ll take to crack GRE?

Q. Any preparation strategy?

  1. Planning to pursue Masters and have no clue on where to start (or)
  2. In the middle of your voyage and got struck/have queries

“Listen to everything, but act on your own”

More lessons about wealth, greed and happiness

No one can accurately predict Mr. Market

Lessons about wealth, greed and happiness

  1. Are savings important?
  2. Am I saving enough for my future?
Most of the points discussed are from the book “The Psychology Of Money” by Morgan Housel. It doesn’t offer solid math or financial advice. Rather, it talks about various biases we have towards money and how to deal with them. It’s an excellent read irrespective of whether you are planning to invest or not. Thanks Randheer for suggesting this book.

Stage — 0: PreCovid

Poster of Seaspiracy which was released in Netflix. This blog is written to give a gist of the documentary.

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