Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men

  1. Is your smartphone not fitting properly in your hand or pocket?
  2. Is your seat belt not proper (or) you can’t put your leg on ABC of car seamlessly?
  3. The drugs suggested by doctors aren’t working properly on you
  4. Spends most of the time in home (not only in 2020!!)
  5. Travels more in public transport compared to your opposite gender
  6. Gets diseases/body pains etc; at an early age
  7. Lives longer than your opposite gender but suffers a lot
  8. Has less access to education, technology, household assets, money and influence in making decisions
  9. Can’t lift objects with ease, though it’s marked as ‘Standards’
  10. Works a lot but couldn’t make income from that work
The book “Invisible Woman: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men” by Caroline Criado-Perez delves deep into some of these issues. Though I can’t resonate with 100% of what the book says, it’s a good book (well researched and extensively referenced) which helps to understand the subtleties introduced by men in the world over the millennia and how it’s influencing women.

0. Transportation and Parking

Example of trip-chaining (Source: UC Berkeley)
In western countries, snow ploughing is an important issue and unknowingly (and unintentionally) women are affected (Source: Wikipedia)

1. The Plough Hypothesis

On the other hand, societies where shifting cultivation/hoe-farming was followed i.e using digging sticks for agriculture, women actively participated and over the centuries, those societies had less gender gap

2. Story of stove

Your grandparents might have said about stories about how they used to cook for the entire family using a setup like the one above. This is called “Traditional stove” (Source: ResearchGate)

3. CEOs, teachers and professors

  • Scientist, Professor, Police, CEO, Doctor
  • Nurse, Teacher, Receptionist, Caretaker, Beautician

4. Phones

5. Yentl Syndrome

Till last century, the scenario is “Do research on men, come up with new drugs and hope that it works fine on women” (Source: Longreads)
Dubbed as “Hollywood heart attack”, the symptoms leading to heart-attack for men and women are quite different. For men, it’s the common chest and left-arm pain while for women, it’s the stomach pain, nausea and fatigue. This misleading symptoms is one of the main reasons which makes heart attack a primary contributor for female fatality (Image Source: Impulsecpr)

6. Books and Quotes

7. Unpaid labor

  1. The ratio of men and women is different
  2. The ability to take stress is different with women having higher thresholds
  3. The body composition, ability to withstand physical barriers, absorption of chemicals is different and so on…




I write on lots of topics, mostly about books. LinkedIn: Website:

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Namburi Srinath

Namburi Srinath

I write on lots of topics, mostly about books. LinkedIn: Website:

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