Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

How our mindset matters to lead a happy life? (Source: https://medium.com/learning-mindset/5-strategies-for-changing-mindsets-ce2de5f92056)
  1. “Ohh!! I was busy and couldn’t spend time on it”This usually occurs not because you don’t have time but you didn’t prioritize that task i.e something more important came into your life. And this is perfectly okay until you start bluffing yourself. The moment you feel that you are trying to prove a point (thus forcing yourself), it’s time to revisit your goals.
  2. “I am already talented. It’s just in my genes. I don’t think I need to spend so much time. I can achieve without any hard work. I am born for this”, and thus procrastinating the task.
  3. “I am not at all talented. It’s no use spending time on this as I can’t understand any of this stuff. Every time I tried, I failed no matter what” and thus not starting the task at all (or procrastinating after some attempts)
In the book “Mindset: The New Psychology for Success”, Stanford psychologist Dr. Carol S Dweck answers the other points. The book gives lots of examples from different fields such as sports, business, relationships which involves lots of teaching, parenting, coaching, understanding, mentoring and tries to differentiate between fixed mindset and growth mindset and why we need the latter to sustain in the long run. Anyone who wants to change should pick this book.
  1. Your intelligence is something very basic/inherent and there’s nothing much you can change.
  2. You can learn new things, but you can’t really change how intelligent you are.
  3. No matter how much intelligence you have, you can change it a bit.
  4. You can always change your intelligence by a greater amount.

How to know which mindset you are in?

  1. I enjoy when I get an easy task which can be completed with minimal effort and learning.
  2. I enjoy when I get a difficult task which needs some effort and learning and am not sure whether it can be completed.
  3. I want the final answer, I am not interested in the process.
  4. I am interested to get clues while solving a difficult task, it’s okay if it takes time.
  5. I need to prove than I am better than others.
  6. I need to improve, though I might be considered as dumb by others.
  7. I am entitled for good things that happen in life, because I am born to live a good life.
  8. I will work and achieve what I want, rather than blaming others.
  9. I am already smart, it’s in my genes. I can sustain, live happily forever without learning.
  10. I need to learn constantly to sustain.
Infographic depicting differences between Fixed and Growth mindset (Source: https://www.mindsetworks.com/science/Impact)

Key 0— Focus on process, not on results

Key 1 — Don’t praise someone for what they achieve. Praise for how they achieve.

  1. You worked so hard and you won the award.
  2. You worked so hard but you didn’t win the award.
  3. You didn’t work so hard but you won the award.
  4. You didn’t work so hard and didn’t win the award.

I understand willpower, enthusiasm, hard-work, motivation etc; are important for growth. But how can I change my mindset?

  1. We start something big — Because of intimidation, lack of talent, long-term goal, big picture etc;
  2. We fail, miss deadlines — We start blaming ourselves, others etc;
  3. We get challenged — If you see someone achieving more than you in something that you are proud of, it might hurt your self esteem.
  4. We can’t even listen others opinion with patience— It’s okay whether you accept their opinion or not, but it’s important to have an open-mind irrespective of your expertise in the area. Because once you listen to something that contradicts your belief, the fixed mindset invokes saying “Come on, leave it. You are already better. You don’t need this. They are just blabbering etc;”
Another infographic with a detailed comparison between Fixed and Growth mindset (Source: https://www.thebeone.com/post/fixed-vs-growth-mindset)



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